Creative Leader

Design Strategist

Storytelling Guru
Facilitator / Consutant

Rogue Decorator of Air-Sickness Bags.

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Hi! I'm Tim, I help people and teams solve problems, tell stories, and build amazing things.

I have worked at XPLANE in the Pacific Northwest for 15 years where I've been the Creative Director since 2017.


Seeking adventure is a constant in my life. 🔭 I Have been privileged to work and explore on four continents, with a couple of extended stints in Denmark and Amsterdam. My Danish is pretty good, my Dutch doesn’t go much beyond ordering frites.🍟


Visual methods supercharge collaboration. If people can see an idea in a sketch or drawing, it’s much easier to edit, align around, and improve that idea.💡


Even great ideas fall short if they’re not presented in a memorable way. By finding the narrative, ideas can grow wings. 📖


When working with clients, I often ask: "Explain this to me like I don’t know anything about it." This helps me understand a bit about the subject I’m exploring, but also a bit about the person I’m learning from. Being curious can not only teach us things we didn’t know but also make human-to-human connections. 🌈


Throughout my career I’ve met a number of talented people, and many ambitious people, but not as many kind people. Kindness is a trait I value above all others and is something I try to clutivate.❤️